USA Tourist Visa


USA Tourist Visa (B2) Required documents:

Passport: passport validity date should be at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

Photo: Photo will be taken at OFC Appointment.( At the time of finger prints collection )

Application Form:  DS 160 Form has to fill online. ( We will help you )

Consulate appointment: Consulate appointment has to take online ( We will help you)

Covering letter: Covering letter on A4 paper with details as Applicant’s name, passport number, occupation, purpose and duration of stay in USA.

Invitation letter: Invitation letter from the Friends or Family members in USA, Inviter passport copy, Visa copy, their rental agreement copy, Employment proof copies, Tax paid receipts etc..are required.

Financial Documents:

If employed : Last 6 months pay slips, 6months original bank statement with seal and signature from the bank, Original Leave letter from the employer, Letter  from employer stating your position and length of employment, Last 3 years IT Returns .

If self employed:   Last 6 months original bank statements of Personal And Company (With seal and signature from the bank), Last 3 years personal and Company IT Returns, Business Registration,  Brief Description about the company operations/Revenue etc..

Other Docs: Copies Fixed Deposits /Copies of Sale deeds, any other proofs to show financial status.

Air Ticket : Ticket itinerary ( No need to book Confirmed Ticket )

If Student: Leave letter from the School.

Other Documents:

Copy of Highest Degree Certificate.

If Spouse already got USA Visa then their Visa and Passport copy required.

USA Visa Fee:  160 USD,  Rs 12160(  updated on 12-Nov-2018 )

Note:  USA visa process is two days process. First day applicant has to attend for OFC Appointment. (This is for Photo and Finger prints collection) Second day is Consulate interview. So applicant has to go to Chennai.

Depends on Case there may be additional documents required.  If possible visit our office one time so that we can understand the case clearly and guide you further.