Egypt Tourist Visa

Egypt Tourist Visa required documents:

Passport:  Original Passport with at least 6months validity from the date of return. Attach old passports if you have any.

Photos:  Two recent coloured photos (35 mm wide, 45 mm High) with white back ground, 80% face coverage and without border and taken within the last 3 months.

Egypt Visa Application Form:

Covering letter:  Covering letter on A4 paper with details as Applicant’s name, passport number, occupation, purpose and duration of stay in Egypt.

Hotel Accommodation proof for entire stay in Egypt and Day wise itinerary.

Ticket: Airline Ticket Itinerary.  (No need of original ticket, PNR Holding is fine).

Financial Documents:

If employed : Last 6 months payslips, 6months original bank statement with seal and signature from the bank, Original Leave letter from the employer, Letter  from employer stating your position and length of employment, Last 3 years IT Returns, Recent  Credit card statement .

If self employed:   Last 6 months original bank statements of Personal And Company (With seal and signature from the bank), Last 3 years personal and Company IT Returns, Business Registration,  Brief Description about the company operations/Revenue etc..

Egypt Visa Application Form Mumbai Submission 

Last Updated on 1-Aug-2018