Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa Required Documents:

Passport:  Original Passport with at least six months validity. Attach old passport if it is available. Photos:  Two recent coloured photos (35 mm wide, 45 mm High) with white back ground, 80% face coverage , without border and taken within the last 3 months.

Visa Application Form:   IMM5257E.PDF  ( Do not open directly , down load it on your desktop and  right click and select  open with adobe reader  XI or more ) , Family Information form- IMM5645E, Schedule 1 Form- IMM5257B .

Covering Letter: Covering letter from the primary applicant mentioning names, passport numbers, purpose and duration of the Trip. (For sample covering letters contact us)

If friends or Relatives are there in Canada then required docs instead of Hotel Booking.

                 Invitation letter , Inviter Passport front and back pages (Bio data pages)

Visa copy, Rental agreement, Employment proof, Last 6 month’s payslips. Last 3 months Bank statement, Tax paid receipts.


Hotel Booking:   Hotel Accommodation.

Financial Documents:

If employed : Last 6 months payslips, 6months original bank statement with seal and signature from the bank, Original Leave letter from the employer, Letter  from employer stating your position and length of employment, Last 3 years IT Returns, Recent  Credit card statement .

If self employed:   Last 6 months original bank statements of Personal And Company (With seal and signature from the bank), Last 3 years personal and Company IT Returns, Business Registration,  Brief Description about the company operations/Revenue etc..

Other Docs : Copies  Fixed Deposits /Copies of Sale deeds  , any other proofs to show financial status.

Air Ticket: Ticket Itinerary.

Additional Requirements:

                If Retired: Evidence of retirement.

                If Student:  Study Certificate and Leave letter.

                Children (Under 18 years ) : Notarised No Objection  Certificate from NON ACCOMPANYING PARENT , Copies of  Parents passport.

Processing time : 7 – 21 Working Days.

Note:  Above list is general and depends on Case to Case there might be additional documents required.

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Canada Tourist Visa Forms

Last updated on 29-Dec-2017